B: Core Documents

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CD1:     Legislation
Section 226(1) (a) and Section 247 Town and Country Planning Act 1990
CD1/2   Section 99 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
CD1/3   Compulsory Purchase (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 2007
CD1/4   Section 12, Section 16 Acquisition of Land Act 1981
CD1/5   Section 13, Section 16 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976
CD1/6   Section 32-34 and Section 105 Housing Act 1985
CD1/7   Chapter 3, Localism Act 2011

CD2:     National, London and Local Policy, Strategy and Guidance Documents
   Department for Communities and Local Government: Guidance on compulsory purchase, and the Crichel Down Rules for the disposal of surplus land acquired by, or under the threat of, compulsion (29 October 2015)
CD2/2   The London Plan 2016 (consolidated with alterations) – Policies 1.1, 2.3, 2.6-2.8, 2.13-2.15, 3.1. 3.3, 3.4, 3.8, 3.9, 3.14, 4.7-4.9, 6.1, 6.10, 7.1, 7.3-7.5, 7.8 and 8.2
CD2/2AThe London Plan – Greater London Council, March 2016 (presented as CD12/11)
CD2/3   Wards Corner/Seven Sisters Underground Development Brief (2004)
CD2/4   Haringey Local Plan: Strategic Policies – SP0, SP1, SP2, SP7-SP12
CD2/5   Draft Tottenham Area Action Plan 2016 
CD2/6   Upper Lee Valley Opportunity Area Planning Framework SPG
CD2/7   Haringey Unitary Development Plan (detailed saved policies) (adopted in July 2006 and as modified following adoption of the Strategic Policies in March 2013) – policies; ENV7, EMP5, TCR5, M9, CSV7
CD2/8   National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012) – paragraphs; 7, 9, 14, 17 sections; 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 12
CD2/9   London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance:  Shaping Neighbourhoods: Play and Informal Recreation 2012
CD2/10 London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance: Town Centres 2014
CD2/11 Draft London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance: Culture and the Night Time Economy 2017
CD2/12 Haringey's Economic Development and Growth Strategy (2014)
CD2/13 Draft Seven Sisters/ Page Green Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2016 
CD2/13A Adopted Seven Sisters/ Page Green Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan 2016, 20 June 2017
CD2/14 Haringey’s Corporate Plan 2015-18
CD2/15 Haringey’s Housing Strategy (2017-2022)
CD2/16 Tottenham High Road Historic Corridor Conservation Appraisal 2009
CD2/17 Draft Development Management DPD, January 2016
CD2/18 Draft Alterations to Strategic Policies, January 2016
CD2/19 London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance: Providing for Children and Young People’s Play and Informal Recreation 2008
CD2/20 Haringey Economic Development and Growth Strategy 2015

CD3:     Historic Planning Documents
   Planning Permission (2008) and associated Section 106 Agreement dated 24 December 2008
CD3/2   High Court Judgement [2009] EWHC 2329 (Admin)
CD3/3   Court of Appeal Judgement [2010] EWCA Civ 703
CD3/4   Planning Refusal Notice (HGY/2008/0303) dated 03/08/2011
CD3/5   Court of Appeal Order dated 28 August 2013

CD4      Scheme Development Documents:
   Development Agreement dated 3 August 2007 (as amended)
CD4/2   Planning Committee Report and minutes of meeting 25/06/2012
CD4/2AMinutes of the Planning Sub Committee of Monday, 25 June 2012
CD4/3   Planning Permission HGY/2012/0915 dated 12/07/2012 (as amended)
CD4/4   Plan 10153/F/01-01 – Survey Plan
CD4/5   Plan 8444/T/01A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/6   Plan 8444/T/02A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/7   Plan 8444/T/03A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/8   Plan 8444/T/04A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/9   Plan 8444/T/05A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/10 Plan 8444/T/06A-06 – Survey Plan
CD4/11 Plan P(00)21B
CD4/12 Plan P(00)00A
CD4/13 Plan P(00)01E
CD4/14 Plan P(00)02C
CD4/15 Plan P(00)03C
CD4/16 Plan P(00)04C
CD4/17 Plan P(00)05B
CD4/18 Plan P(00)06B
CD4/19 Plan P(00)07C
CD4/20 Plan P(00)08C
CD4/21 Plan P(00)10B
CD4/22 Plan P(00)100D
CD4/23 Plan P(00)101C
CD4/24 Plan P(00)102D
CD4/25 Plan P(00)110C
CD4/26 Plan P(00)111D
CD4/27 Plan P(00)112A
CD4/28 Section 106 Agreement dated 11 July 2012
CD4/29 Equality Impact Assessment – Seven Sister Regeneration – Cluttons LLP, December 2010
CD4/30 Wards Corner Redevelopment – Equality Impact Assessment – URS/Scott Wilson, June 2011
CD4/31 DVS Development Viability Assessment – Executive Summary, 22 June 2012
CD4/32 Building Retention Viability Summary – ASP, June 2012
CD4/33 Economic Benefits Analysis – GL Hearn, May 2012
CD4/34 Conservation Area Consent HGY/2012/0921 dated 12/07/2012
CD4/35 Grainger Community Engagement Strategy 2016
CD4/36 Diversity Monitoring Baseline Study 2017
CD4/37 Certificate of Lawfulness HGY/2017/0861
CD4/38 Section 106 Deed of Variation and three plans dated 23 June 2017 
CD4/38A Draft Deed of Variation dated 14 July 2017 
CD4/38B Draft Deed of Variation dated 14 July 2017 (tracked change version)
CD4/38C Completed Deed of Variation dated 25 July 2017
CD4/38D Completed Deed of Variation dated 25 July 2017 (tracked change version)

CD5:     Compulsory Purchase Order Committee Reports and Equality Impact Assessments
   Wards Corner Compulsory Purchase Order Equality Impact Assessment – AECOM, October 2015
CD5/2   Committee Reports and Minutes - Seven Sisters Regeneration, Tottenham – Apex House & Wards Corner  15/7/14
CD5/3   Committee Reports and Minutes - Seven Sisters Regeneration, Tottenham - Compulsory Purchase Order 2016 – “London Borough of Haringey (Wards Corner Regeneration Project) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016” 10/11/15
CD5/4   Wards Corner Compulsory Purchase Order Equality Impact Assessment – AECOM, June 2017

CD6:     Compulsory Purchase Order documents
   The London Borough of Haringey (Wards Corner Regeneration Project) Compulsory Purchase Order 2016 dated 14 September 2016
CD6/2   Compulsory Purchase Order Plan dated 14 September 2016
CD6/3   London Borough of Haringey's Statement of Reasons and appendices dated 14 September 2016
CD6/4   Objections to the Compulsory Purchase Order – numbered Obj001 to Obj167 inclusive and Obj168 to Obj191 (received during Inquiry) - list and documents

CD7      Statements of Case
   London Borough of Haringey's Statement of Case and appendices, February 2017
CD7/2   London Underground Limited's Statement of Case dated 28 April 2017
CD7/3   Airmoss Limited's Statement of Case
CD7/4   Seven Sisters Market Traders' Statement of Case dated 2 May 2017
CD7/5   Wards Corner Community Coalition - Statement 1
CD7/6   Wards Corner Community Coalition - Statement 2
CD7/7   SAVE Britain's Heritage's Statement of Case, June 2017

CD8      Apex House Documents
   Planning Committee Report, 09/05/2016
CD8/2   Planning Committee Addendum Report, 09/05/2016
CD8/3   Planning Permission HGY/2015/2915 dated 29/06/2016
CD8/4   1584-G100-P-SITE-001
CD8/5   1584-G200-P-RF-001
CD8/6   XE-E-001
CD8/7   XE-N-001
CD8/8   XE-NW-001
CD8/9   XE-S-001
CD8/10 XE-SW-001
CD8/11 XE-W-001
CD8/12 P-DEM-001
CD8/13 P-00-001 rev. C
CD8/14 P-MZ-001
CD8/15 P-01-001 rev.C
CD8/16 P-02-001 rev. C
CD8/17 P-03-001 rev. C
CD8/18 P-04-001 rev. C
CD8/19 P-05-001 rev. C
CD8/20 P-06-001 rev. C
CD8/21 P-07-001 rev. C
CD8/22 P-09-001 rev. C
CD8/23 P-18-001 rev. C
CD8/24 P-20-001 rev. C
CD8/25 P-22-001 rev. B
CD8/26 P-B1-001
CD8/27 P-RF-001 rev. C
CD8/28 P-D-00-001 rev. C
CD8/29 P-D-MZ-001
CD8/30 P-D-01-001 rev. C
CD8/31 P-D-02-001 rev. C
CD8/32 P-D-03-001 rev. C
CD8/33 P-D-04-001 rev. C
CD8/34 P-D-05-001 rev. C
CD8/35 P-D-07-001 rev. C
CD8/36 P-D-09-001 rev. C
CD8/37 P-D-18-001 rev. C
CD8/38 P-D-20-001 rev. C
CD8/39 P-D-22-001 rev. C
CD8/40 P-D-B1-001
CD8/41 P-D-00-002 rev. B
CD8/42 P-D-01-002 rev. B
CD8/43 P-D-02-002 rev. B
CD8/44 P-D-03-002 rev. B
CD8/45 P-D-05-002 rev. B
CD8/46 E-E-001
CD8/47 E-N-001 rev. B
CD8/48 E-NW-001 rev. C
CD8/49 E-S-001
CD8/50 E-SW-001
CD8/51 S-AA-BB-001
CD8/52 S-CC-001
CD8/53 S-DD-001 rev. B
CD8/54 S-EE-001
CD8/55 S-FF-001
CD8/56 S-GG-001
CD8/57 S-HH-001
CD8/58 S-JJ-001
CD8/59 S-KK-001
CD8/60 S-LL-001
CD8/61 DET-001
CD8/62 DET-002
CD8/63 DET-003
CD8/64 Non-material amendment HGY/2016/4103 Officer Report
CD8/65 Non-material amendment HGY/2016/4103 Decision Notice dated 18/01/2017
CD8/66 Non-material amendment HGY/2017/0478 Officer Report
CD8/67 Non-material amendment HGY/2017/0478 Decision Notice dated 04/04/2017

CD9      Alternative Scheme
   Officers Report 07/04/2014
CD9/2   Planning Permission HGY/2014/0575 dated 25/04/2014
CD9/3   Plan 001-005
CD9/4   Plan 011B
CD9/5   Plan 012
CD9/6   Plan 013
CD9/7   Plan 014
CD9/8   Plan 017A
CD9/9   Plan 018
CD9/10 Plan 021
CD9/11 Plan 022
CD9/12 Plan 023
CD9/13 Plan M000
CD9/14 Plan M1
CD9/15 Design and Access Statement

CD10    Strategic Regeneration Documents
Citizens’ Inquiry into the Tottenham Riots 2012
CD10/2 ‘It Took Another Riot’ – The Lipton Report 2012
CD10/3 A Plan for Tottenham 2012
CD10/4 Tottenham Physical Development Framework ARUP 2014
CD10/5 Tottenham’s Future Report, Soundings 2014
CD10/6 Tottenham Strategic Regeneration Framework 2014
CD10/7 Tottenham Strategic Regeneration Framework Delivery Plan Update 2016

CD11    Miscellaneous
The Seven Sisters Regeneration Project Economic Benefits Assessment - Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners October 2015
CD11/2 The Seven Sisters Regeneration Project Economic Benefits Assessment Update - Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners January 2017
CD11/3 2012 Business Survey Questionnaire
CD11/4 2012 Market and Shop Business Survey Results
CD11/5 2012 Business Survey Site Visits
CD11/6 Urban Space Management study commissioned by the Bridge NDC, May 2008
CD11/7 Tottenham Retail Study, Jones Lang LaSalle 2012
CD11/8 Haringey Retail and Town Centres Study, Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners 2013
CD11/9 Haringey Authority Monitoring report 2015/16
CD11/10 Town Centre Health Check for Haringey (Greater London Authority) January 2016
CD11/11 Cabinet Report Introduction of Additional HMO Licensing Scheme in Tottenham 2013
CD11/12 Haringey Urban Character Study 2015
CD11/13 Inspector’s Report on Haringey’s Local Plan and appendices A, C and D
CD11/14 Tottenham Retail Impact Assessment 2016 (including plans and appendices)
CD11/15 Haringey’s List of Assets of Community Value
CD11/16 CPO Viability Review, prepared by DVS, June 2017 
CD11/17 United Nations Human Rights letter to Grainger plc dated 21 July 2017

CD12    Core Documents Submitted by Objectors
Market Traders
CD12/1 Case of Chapman v United Kingdom 
CD12/2 Lansman et al v Finland
CD12/3 Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, General Recommendation No.32: The meaning and scope of The meaning and scope of special measures in the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
CD12/4 Human Rights Committee, General Comment No.23: Article 27 (Rights of Minorities)
CD12/5 The case for London's Latin Quarter: Retention, growth, sustainability – Loughborough University
CD12/6 Latin Americans in London: Claims over the identity of place as destination
CD12/7 Claiming a place in the global city: urban regeneration and Latin American spaces in London
CD12/8 No longer Invisible: The Latin American Community in London -Trust for London & Queen Mary University
CD12/9 Towards Visibility: The Latin American Community in London - Trust for London & Queen Mary University, London
CD12/10 A City for all Londoners - Greater London Authority, October 2016
CD12/11 The London Plan – Greater London Council, March 2016 re-numbered CD2/2A
CD12/12 The Planning (listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (section 72)
CD12/13 Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012
CD12/14 Human Rights Act 1998
CD12/15 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
CD12/16 The London Plan 2016 – Policy 7.9B
CD12/17 Economic Evidence Based for London 2016: Extract - Chapter 6 pgs 228 to 306, Appendix 5.1 pgs 706 to 714 & Appendix 8 pgs 724 to 729
CD12/18 National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012) – paragraph 8
CD12/19 Haringey Local Plan Strategic Policies – paragraphs 1.5.1; 1.5.2; 1.5.3; 1.5.4 (Vision Statement for Haringey in 2016)
CD12/20 National Planning Policies Guidance – Conservation and Historic Environment – 10 April 2014

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