Documents Submitted by the Council

Statement of Case
Statement of Case - Main Document (File size: 556 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix A - Chronology of Key Events (File size: 70 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix B - Chronology of Local Engagement (File size: 172 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix C - Stopping Up Order with Plan (File size: 78 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix D - Summary Schedule of Objections (File size: 648 kB) (PDF document)

Statement of Case - Spanish Language Translations
Statement of Case - Spanish Translation (File size: 604 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix A - Chronology of Key Events - Spanish Translation (File size: 66 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix B - Chronology of Local Engagement - Spanish Translation (File size: 163 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix C - Stopping Up Order with Plan - Spanish Translation (File size: 540 kB) (PDF document)
Appendix D - Summary Schedule of Objections - Spanish Translation (File size: 714 kB) (PDF document)

Proofs of Evidence
Witness 1: Lyn Garner, LB of Haringey (Wider Regenerative Benefits)
Proof of Evidence (File size: 187 kB) (PDF document)
APP/1/2 Summary (File size: 97 kB) (PDF document)
APP/1/3 Appendices (File size: 2.2 MB) (PDF document)
APP/1/4 Summary - Spanish Translation (File size: 258 kB) (PDF document)
Witness 2: Andrew Beharrell, Pollard Thomas Edwards (Design & Conservation)
APP/2/1 Proof of Evidence (including Appendices) (File size: 2.48 MB) (PDF document)
APP/2/2 Presentation Slides  (File size:  2.91 MB) (PDF document)
Witness 3: Suzanne Johnson, LB of Haringey (Planning & Regeneration)
APP/3/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 1.81 MB) (PDF document)
APP/3/2 Appendices (File size: 12.35 MB) (PDF document)
APP/3/3 Proof Extract (Pages 118 to 128) - Spanish Translation (File size: 112 kB) (PDF document)
Witness 4: Jonathan Kiddle, Grainger plc (Company/Funding/Delivery & Demand)
APP/4/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 238 kB) (PDF document)
APP/4/2 Appendices (File size: 1.19 MB) (PDF document)
Witness 5: David Lewis, David Lewis Associates (Heritage Issues)
APP/5/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 511 kB) (PDF document)
APP/5/2 Appendices (File size: 89.23 MB) (PDF document)
Witness 6: Stephen Walker, CBRE (Negotiations other than with Market interests)
APP/6/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 493 kB) (PDF document)
APP/6/2 Appendices (File size: 6.04 MB) (PDF document)
Witness 7: Robert Fourt, Gerald Eve (Viability & Deliverability)
APP/7/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 627 kB) (PDF document)
APP/7/2 ​Summary (File size: 397 kB) (PDF document)
APP/7/3 Appendices (File size: 6.04 MB) (PDF document)
Witness 8: Gary Saunders, Saunders Markets Limited (Wider Regenerative Benefits)
APP/8/1 Proof of Evidence (File size: 357 kB) (PDF document)
APP/8/2 Appendices (File size: 14.45 MB) (PDF document)
APP/8/3 Proof Extract (Section 8) - Spanish Translation (File size: 71 kB) (PDF document)
APP/8/4 Update/correction of Appendix 6
APP/8/5 Rent calculations with workings

Other Documents Presented at Inquiry
APP/0/1       List of Appearances (File size: 153 kB) (PDF document)
APP/0/2       Opening Submissions (File size: 245 kB) (PDF document)
APP/0/3       Legal Submissions (File size: 591 kB) (PDF document)
APP/0/4       Authorities Bundle comprising 20 extracts of legislation & case law (File size: 4.51 MB) (PDF document)
APP/0/5       Supplementary Legal Submissions for the Council: Note on interference with Article 8 and Article 1 of Protocol 1 (File size: 270 kB) (PDF document) 
APP/0/6       Report of Cabinet of June 2017 on Adoption of Local Plan, for presentation to full Council of 24 July 2017, including extract from Appendix H (pgs 64 & 65) and Appendix J
APP/0/7       London Assembly: Questions to the Mayor – Question and Answer on Wards Corner, 16 November 2016
APP/0/8       Redacted response with appendices to Inspector’s Question (GID/5)
APP/0/9       Closing Submissions
APP/0/10     Legal Annex to Closing Submissions
APP/0/11     Mayoral Decision relating to Transport for London funding for Wards Corner Regeneration Project
APP/0/12    Email from Jonathan Owen to the Market Traders dated 8 July 2016 relating to a meeting of 9 June 2016

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